Business: Budget and Finance

  • General Fund Operating Millage
      Non-Homestead 18.0000 mills  
      Homestead 6.0000 mills  
    Building and Site Millage 0.7500  
    Foundation Grant per Student for Education $6,966
    Debt Mills

    2.7600 mills


    For more budget and finance information, please visit our Budget and Salary/Compensation Transparency site.

    The Flushing Community School district has a staff consisting of 212 teachers, 15 administrators, and 213 support personnel working in nursing, secretarial, paraprofessional, custodial/maintenance, food service, transportation, and computer technology. More than 70% of the staff choose to live in Flushing, and many have chosen to have their children educated in Flushing.

    The Flushing Three R’s newsletter is mailed to district residents bi-monthly.  If you do not receive a copy at your residence, please stop by the Administration Building and pick up a copy.

    The area of the school district covers 65 square miles with a population of approximately 25,000.

    A special 0.75 mill levy for Building and Site improvements is used to renovate, improve, and build facilities in the district. These projects have all been done on a “pay as you go” basis. No bonds or interest to be paid are required utilizing this method.

    A bus fleet of 39 vehicles transports approximately 2,600 children, making 23 secondary runs, 26 elementary runs. Students qualified to ride the bus must live more than 1 ½ miles from school. Exceptions to this distance requirement are the 3 schools which are located in the township and do not have any sidewalks (Elms, Seymour, and the Middle School). A total of over 350,000 miles are driven by our fleet each year.

    School lunches are prepared in the kitchens of the six Flushing Community Schools’ buildings, grades 1-12. Approximately 362,564 lunches are served yearly to students by Flushing’s 26 cooks.

    Latchkey services are offered before and after school on school days and during the summer. Please visit Latchkey for more information on the services offered by the district.  

Last Modified on April 16, 2019