Flushing Middle School Drama

  • Flushing Middle School has an after-school theatre program.  We have a fall and spring production and any FMS student is welcome to audition for a part in the play or to volunteer to work on the technical crew.

    Lynda Gibson - Click here to email Miss Gibson
    Meghan Trantham - Click here to email Mrs. Trantham
    Flushing Middle School is also an active junior thespian troupe for the International Thespian Society. Troupe #88305

    It's time for our next drama production! Make sure you look over this link to the audition & rehearsal dates information.
    Please be aware that occasional changes might be necessary throughout the year. We will always make an announcement if there are any changes.

    You have TWO forms to fill out linked below.

    Make sure to bring the filled out Drama Commitment Contract with you to auditions.

    Please read the committment contract over carefully and list any dates that conflict with the drama rehearsal schedule on page 2 of your Drama Commitment Contract. This form must be signed by BOTH you and your parent/guardian and brought to auditions.

    AUDITIONS: Tuesday, March 8, 2022
    LOCATION: Library Media Center
    TIME: 2:55 pm to 4:30 PM
        You do not need to stay the entire time. Once your audition is over, you will be free to leave. You can come anytime between 2:55 PM and 4:15 PM.

    Play information: Fairy Tale Courtroom by Dana Proulx

    This extremely adaptable comedy shows the other side of several familiar fairy tales, when two of their biggest villains, the Big Bad Wolf and the Wicked Witch, are brought to trial. Both the Wolf and the Witch have been frolicking from fairy tale to fairy tale, wreaking havoc as they try to prevent the general public from living happily ever after. Hear the personal accounts of what happened, told in testimonies and flashback sequences, from characters such as Snow White, Dorothy, Sleeping Beauty, the Three Pigs, Little Red Riding Hood, and many others, including the Witch and the Wolf themselves, as each trial unfolds. The audience is the jury, so each trial has two endings, depending on the verdict. The trials can be performed separately, with a few small cuts for a running time of approximately thirty minutes each, or together with no cuts for a running time of about one hour and fifteen minutes.

    If you are only interested in being on the Tech Crew, you do not need to come to auditions, you just need to return your commitment contract to Miss Gibson and and fill out an audition form by the audition dates. You can drop your signed committment contract off in the main office to be put in Miss Gibson's mailbox. Please, be aware that this production may not require a very large tech crew.

    Drama WILL conflict with most sports: You will NOT be able to do drama and a sport.

    If you have any questions or if any conflicts arise *after* you have committed to Drama, please have your parent/guardian email Miss Gibson ASAP and/or provide her with a written note explaining the conflict.