Algebra I/Algebra II

    Mrs. Harden and Mrs. McKenzie


    Contact Information
    Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

    Classroom Website:

    Classroom Phone Number: 810-591-3839.  Please leave a message.


    Remind Text Messages: Text your code below to this phone number: (810) 515-7789
              Algebra 1: @bbf3d
              Algebra 2: @e406f

    Classroom Expectations

     Classroom expectations are intended to make our classroom an educational setting with a relaxed atmosphere providing some guidelines we can all live up to. 


    Use Appropriate Language
    Listen When Others Are Speaking
    Clean Up Your Space 


     Be On Time
    Have Supplies Ready When Class Starts
    (Book, Paper, Pencil, Calculator, Homework, etc.)
    Remain In Seat Until Dismissed

     3. BE SAFE

    Keep Hands and Feet to Yourself
    Keep Walkways Free of Items
    Failure to follow the classroom expectations will result in discipline with the student, making parent contact, and/or administration discipline.


    It is your responsibility to bring all class materials every day.   This includes a class textbook, writing utensil, 3-ring binder at least one inch (the bigger the better) with dividers labeled. Spiral notebooks are not sufficient.  Your textbook MUST be covered at all times.


    The calculator we will be using in the classroom is the TI-Nspire CX. There will be a classroom set provided. However, it is beneficial to have your own to use at home and in future mathematics endeavors. It is also allowed on state standardized testing. You must have your calculator contract signed and turned in to be able to use the classroom calculator.


    Passes will be limited in this class at teacher discretion. When students are not in class they are missing valuable instruction time and other students in the learning community are disrupted. Please use the restroom during passing time.


     Homework assignments will be given daily, which is due the following day.  You MUST show all your work on notes, homework, quizzes and tests to receive credit.  It is your responsibility to find out what you missed the days you are absent! You have the number of days you were absent to make them up.  All assignments are posted on the classroom bulletin board and on the website.   

    Late Work

     Late work is not accepted. In the rare occasion you forgot your assignment, you may turn it in the next morning before school starts at the teacher’s discretion.

    Transfer In

     When transferring from one math class to another math class, your current grade will transfer with you at FHS.


     There will be one test per chapter along with numerous quizzes throughout each chapter.  These quizzes vary in form and may or may not be announced ahead of time.  If a notebook is forgotten on a day of a notebook/homework quiz you may not use a pass to go and get it.  You may however schedule a time after school to take the quiz for 50% of the points.  It is your responsibility to have your notebook in class every day.  

    You will have 5 school days to make up any missed test/quiz IF your absence is excused.  After the 5 days it will be for half credit.  All Unexcused absences for homework/quiz/test will be a zero.  It is also your responsibility to find out what you missed when you are absent! The exam is worth 20% of your final grade.  It is important to stay organized and keep up daily. 


    Grades will be calculated using your percentages for each marking period and the exam.
    Marking Period: 40%
    Marking Period: 40%
    Exam: 20%

    Semester grades will be calculated as follows:
    Marking Period Grade (.4) + Marking Period Grade (.4) + Semester Exam (.2) = Final Grade

    Work must be shown on all assignments, quizzes and tests to receive credit.

    Extra Help

    If you are having trouble, we expect you to make the time and effort to improve your grade.  We are available for help before school at 7:30 and after school by appointment.  Please make arrangements ahead of time so we are available to assist you. There is also free math tutoring available before and after school in room 307 on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

    If you wait until the last minute, your efforts will be futile.