Senior Seminar


    Senior Seminar Syllabus

    Mr. Thomas


     Dear Students and Parents,

    Hello!  To begin with I would like to tell you a little about myself.  This is my thirteenth year teaching at Flushing High School.  I have been a Physical Education Teacher, Michigan Outdoors Teacher and I am now currently a Senior Seminar Teacher and EDP Coordinator.  I am also the student leadership organization (SLO) sponsor and Varsity Boys and Girls tennis coach and run all summer tennis programs for Flushing Schools.  I am very excited about everything that the new semester and school year will bring and hope you are too!

    In this syllabus I outline my expectations, classroom procedures, and a tentative outline of the concepts we will cover during this semester/year.  At the end of the syllabus there is a portion to sign and return so that I may be assured that all students and parents have read the course guidelines.

    One of my goals as a teacher is to create an open communication between the student’s home and school because I think this is one of the best ways to ensure student success.  If at any time you have questions, please contact me as soon as possible.  I will be happy to sit down and discuss any matters that you have.  Email is probably the best way to contact me; therefore you can email me at:    If you would like to get a hold of me by phone please call the school at 810-591-3733 and leave a message.  I will call you back as soon as I can.

    If you would like to be informed of your student’s progress on a regular basis I would encourage you to use ParentVue and StudentVue and click on “Academic Center” to view your student’s current grade and assignments.  Students will receive a hard copy of all assignments and rubrics as well as on the T Drive which they can access in class.  I will also be giving students a flash drive, which will be used to transport information back and forth from school to home and it is your son/daughter's to keep and use for their senior exit presentation. I hope all of these strategies will ensure your student’s success at FHS and I look forward to having a great semester.  I will also be using Remind 101 to help increase the lines of communication between your seniors and myself.   



    Mr.  Thomas  


    *****The whole purpose of senior seminar is to better prepare you for life after high school.  Our goal is to help you find the right post-high school education and a career to best suit you.*****


    Senior Seminar Syllabus


    A.  Classroom Expectations:  This class will be run like a college course since the majority of you are furthering your education.  Be aware of the due dates of the assignments.  In addition, you will earn 100 points per marking period for participation points.  Points will be deducted if you are not actively participating or if expectations are not followed.   

    1.      Be RespectfulThe teacher and all students and materials/equipment will be treated with respect.  Teasing will not be tolerated!  Distracting others from learning will not be tolerated!  The teacher reserves the right to assign appropriate consequences in addition to point loss.  

    2.      Show Up And Come Prepared You should come to class everyday with a writing utensil, assigned book, paper, and any work due.

    3.      Show Up On TimeDo not be tardy.

    4.      Work Hard and Actively Participate- You must attend class and participate to earn a passing grade.

    5.      Failure Is Not An Option- In order to graduate you must pass this class!


    B.  Attendance/Dismissal/Tardies:

                You must be seated in your seat when the bell rings in order to be counted here and

    on time.  Consequences for tardiness will be as follows:  up to 3 tardies = warning, 4th tardy = after school detention, 5th tardy = 2 after school detention and meeting with principal.  Just like in the real world good attendance is crucial to success.  At the conclusion of class, students will be given time to save their progress, log off the computer, and clean the room.  Students must remain in their seats until the instructor dismisses them. 


    C.  Grading System:

    -          A straight point/percentage scale will be used to calculate grades.  Points will vary per assignment depending on the difficulty of the assignment.

    -          Any student caught cheating will receive a ZERO on the assignment for the first offense and cannot make up the assignment.  Cheating also includes giving answers to another student in or outside of class.  If caught a second time, administrative action will be taken.

    -          Quizzes will be given periodically to make sure students are keeping up with the material.  They can be announced or unannounced.

    -          If a student is caught stealing information (plagiarizing) from any source (internet, book, etc.) they will receive a ZERO on the project and cannot make the assignment up.  If caught a second time they will be referred to administration for further discipline.

    -          Grading scale is as follows:

                                  87-89 = B+      77-79 = C+      67-69 = D+

    93-100 = A            83-86 = B        73-76 = C        63-66 = D

    90-92   = A-          80-82 = B-       70-72 = C-       60-62 = D-


    D.  Make-Up Work:

    Students have one day for each day missed to complete assignments upon return.  (For example, if you are absent Monday, and are back Tuesday you have until Wednesday to turn in the assignment.) When you return after being absent you should check the designated spot for any handouts you may have missed.  It is then YOUR responsibility to ask a classmate and me for specific directions on how to make up your missed work.  Please see me before or after class about this. 


    E.  Late Work:

                Late work will not be accepted for credit.  So turn in your work the day it is due!


    F.  Discipline Procedure:

    Classroom behavior will be taken very seriously.  If a student is distracting others from learning the following actions will be taken:

                            1st offense: verbal warning and points subtracted from your grade.

                            2nd offense:  parent phone call, conference will parents, points taken away.

                            3rd offense:  referral to administration, points taken away


    G.  Bathroom Passes:

    Students are expected to use their breaks to go to the bathroom and get a drink.  For emergencies only students will be given 3 passes a semester.  Passes cannot be transferred to use during a following semester. You will be given passes at the beginning of the semester and if the pass is lost, it will not be replaced.  It is YOUR  responsibility to keep track of them!  If you do not use your passes by the end of the semester, I will count them as extra credit.


    H.  Cell Phones:

    Your cell phone must not be seen and put away at all times! If I see it, I will take it.  If a cell phone is confiscated the student handbook policy will be followed.


    I.  Dress:

    I will follow the guidelines set forth by the student handbook.  If you are in violation of the dress code, I will send you to the office.  Please remember, no hats, obscene, distracting or revealing clothing.

    J.  Food/Drinks/Gum are not permitted in the computer lab/classroom.  Failure to abide by this rule will result in -5 points each time of your participation grade. 


    J.  Tentative Outline for the Semester:

    -  Personality Testing - Finding the best careers for your personality/strengths 

    -  SWOT Analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats)

    -  College Exploration

    -  Scholarship Research and Application (5)  

    -  Employment - Cover letter, Resume, Reference Page, Follow Up

    -  Educational Development Plan Completion

    -  Budgeting and Money Management

    -  Career/Job Hunt and Presentation

    -  Service Hours – Six Hours (Minimum) in Three Experiences

    -  College Visits - UofM Flint/Mott, MSU, SVSU

    -  Current Events Presentations

    -  Work Places/Life Skills

    -  Stress/Project Management & Leadership

    -  Leading a Healthy and Productive College/Post High School  Lifestyle

    -  Senior Exit Project

                                                               Senior Seminar

    Student/Parent Signature Form


    I have read the course expectations and policies as printed in this syllabus.  My signature below indicates that I have read the syllabus and understand all of the policies and expectations for the class.



    Student Name (printed):                                                                                 Hour:                          


    Student Signature:_____________________________________________Date:_____________


    Parent/Guardian Signature:                                                                             Date:                          


    Daytime phone:                                               Home phone:                                                              




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