• Apply to Country-Wide, State-Wide, and Flushing Community Scholarships using the Flushing Senior High Web Page - Click on Scholarships and then you can select at which level  you which to search and apply. 

    Also all students should apply to create a profile and apply to scholarships.

    Finally, using - log into your EDP - select financial aid - fill out your profile and you will get hundreds of scholarships sent to you. 

    Students must apply to a minimum of 5 scholarships before they may pass the class.  Any additional scholarships will enable you to earn extra credit points. 


    Using the Flushing High School website,, other scholarship search sites, you are to find and apply for a minimum of 5 Scholarships that you feel you have a great chance of attaining.  Start by opening a Microsoft Word document named Scholarships and after applying for each scholarship; you are to write a thorough paragraph.  You will use the sites to search and apply for a minimum of five scholarships that you feel highly qualified for.  Save this to a word document titled Scholarships in your Senior Seminar folder.  Any additional scholarships applied to with a paragraph are worth extra credit and give you better opportunity to earn some cash money to use towards college.  Good luck, this hard copy will be due the Friday before exam week. 

    For each scholarship, you will need to include the following information, no less than 5 sentences in your Paragraph including:

    -         Website

    -         Name of the scholarship

    -         Date applied for

    -         Amount of money the scholarship is for

    -         Why you are qualified/What you wrote about

    -         Why you deserve it/What you will use the money for

    -         A Parent Signature at the end of each of the 5 paragraphs showing your parents have read them and saw that you applied to each.