8th Grade Educational Development Plan (EDP)

  • Students will begin their Educational Development Plan (EDP) as part of the 8th grade computer applications curriculum. For those students who do not take computer applications, they will be brought in during advisory to complete their 8th grade EDP requirement.  EDPs are worked on every year starting in 8th grade and culminate in senior seminar during their 12th grade year.
    If you are not taking Computer Applications but would like to join a Google Classroom that it set up to help you work through your EDP in smaller chunks AND get feedback from Miss Gibson, email her to get the Google Classroom access code.
    Click here to watch the "Getting Started" on your 8th Grade EDP video if you are not taking Computer Applications.
    • Career Cruising for EDP's.
      • Username:  flus-____________ (your full student ID#)
        • Your password maybe based on your birth date. Example: May 2, 2002 would be 05022002
        • If that doesn't work then try flus- and the last 4 digits of your student ID# as your new password. Example: flus-8596 if your student ID number is 008596
      • Password: flus-______(last 4 numbers of your student ID#)
    • If you are having difficulty logging onto Career Cruising, please have your student stop in to see me in room 2211.
    • If you are having any trouble logging in, email Miss Gibson.
    • Click here for a CHECKLIST of what needs to be completed as part of the 8th EDP
      • (Video tutorials linked for each step IN the checklist).
    • Click here for help SELECTING HIGH SCHOOL CLASSES in the "Education Plan" section of Career Cruising. Click here to watch a video that explains how to complete the "Education Plan" section of Career Cruising.
    • Click here for a list of the Michigan Career Pathways and their descriptions.

    • Click here to access Google Classroom if you are taking Computer Applications with Miss Gibson and have assignments related to your EDP posted there OR would like to join the 8th Grade Educational Development Plan Google Classroom.
      • Access code to join that class is the "Getting Started" video linked above.