• An introductory course designed to introduce the student to the exciting world of computer-aided drafting (CAD) and design and its related fields. Students will learn specific topics including organizational and professional skills, as well as the construction of 2-D technical drawings, multi-views, section views, auxiliary views, isometric drawings, threads, fasteners, developments, and GD&T.

    Students will also gain exposure to manufacturing through the use of a laser engraving/cutting machine.

    This is an excellent course for students interested in visual communications and engineering careers.

    Michigan’s HOT 50 High-Demand High-Wage Careers: Architects, Architectural and Engineering Managers, Civil Engineers, Industrial Engineers, Mechanical Engineer Technicians, Mechanical Engineers, Operating Engineers

    CAD I is a prerequisite for Advanced CAD.

    NOTE: This class is a senior year math credit.

    CAD students may choose to join MITES.