Work-Based Learning Program (In District Unpaid Learner)

  • Work-Based Learning In District Unpaid Learner Information

    This course is designed for qualified high school juniors and seniors who are at least 16 years of age.  Students accepted into the program attend school a minimum of five class periods per day and work on the job (training station) for one class period of the day.  The program is designed to develop basic occupational competencies for future employment.  The student is supervised and trained by the employer in cooperation with the school Co-op coordinator.  The employer is considered a partner in the program by providing required documentation, training, and work experience. 

    PREREQUISITE:  Students may not register without prior approval from the Co-op coordinator.  The Co-op coordinator will confer with students to determine the students’ eligibility based on the Unpaid Learner Contract and Requirements to Pass.  Co-op related classes that qualify are BMA I, BMA II, Accounting I, Accounting II, and Marketing Sales/Promotion.  Students must have selected an EDP career pathway in either Business, Management, Marketing, and Technology or in Human Services and their office placement must be in the occupational area of the pathway. 

    NOTE:  Students must be enrolled in a Co-op related class (see above) while participating in the Unpaid Learner Education Program.  Unpaid Learner students who do not pass first semester may not be allowed to participate in the program second semester. 

    NOTE:  There is also the opportunity for students to work as an Out of District Unpaid Learner which is a combination of the Co-op and Unpaid Learner programs.  See Mrs. Lord for Details.  

    ***Please note there are several files located within the Co-op portion of my web page related to the Unpaid Learner Program also.***