Capstone Students

  • To successfully pass Capstone, you will be required to complete three items each week.  All three items are due every Monday before the end of the school day (2:48 p.m.) for full credit.  The assignments need to be submitted to the office and all must be submitted together in one packet with the attached Capstone time sheet, assignment, and included discussion response. 

    Item #1 -- Weekly Time Sheet: You will be required to complete and submit a weekly time sheet for the time you spend completing each weekly Capstone Course assignment.  The time sheets are available through on my Web Page.  You will complete one time sheet for each week.  Please complete fully and accurately.  This first time sheet will be labeled Work Week #1 with Monday, August 27 start date and Sunday, September 2 end date on the form. Please save each time sheet as Your Name (first and Last) - Time Sheet #.

    Item #2 -- Weekly Assignments: Weekly assignments will be e-mailed to you.  You will need to open the link to view the directions.

    Item #3 -- Discussion Board: Each week there will be a question sent in the e-mail with the weekly assignment. To successfully complete this requirement you will need to post a thorough response to the question and e-mail your response back to Mrs. Lord.

    Grading: In order to receive full credit each week, you will need to complete all three items.  You will receive a weekly grade for completing all three requirements each week.  This grade will be added into your Work-Based Learning course grade.  

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