• Learning Continuum

    Flushing Community Schools has expanded opportunities we have developed for our students. We have expanded the programs offered beyond the traditional program in the hope that we provide a continuum of service that better meets the needs of our students. We have added new virtual/online programs and now have access to new alternative programs through our shared service agreement with the Carman-Ainsworth Community Schools. Here is a brief summary of each program.

    Virtual/Online Programs:

    Virtual Learning Academy – This is a kindergarten through eighth grade program available to our home-school students through the Oakland Schools. The program uses Calvert Partners virtual curriculum to provide instruction and support to those parents interested in homeschooling. Any interested in more information regarding this program should contact Michelle Barrett at the Administration Building at 810-591-1187.

    Raider Virtual Academy - This is a ninth through twelfth grade virtual program for students and parents seeking a virtual/online educational setting. Students who qualify are required to report for lab work on-site and login time each week. Instruction is supported with a mentor teacher and highly-qualified subject area teachers. The program uses the Edgenuity curriculum software that meets Michigan Merit Curriculum standards.

    Anyone interested in enrolling should contact Deb Goldstein at Flushing High School at 810-591-3777. To see a list of Raider Virtual Academy courses offered by Flushing Community Schools please visit Michigan Courses Online.

    Additional Online Courses: Anyone interested in further information about additional online courses offered please contact our counseling department at 810-591-3759. To list of courses is available at GenNet Portal.

    Alternative Programs:

    Connect Program - This is a program for seventh and eighth grade students who are struggling with the traditional educational setting and have not met credit requirements to attend high school.  Instruction occurs in a smaller self-contained setting with the ultimate goal of returning to the high school population upon completion.

    Carman Park/Baker Academy - This is a ninth through twelfth grade program for academically focused students who qualify and who are interested in earning college credit from Baker College while completing their high school education.

    Atlantis High School - This is a ninth through twelfth grade program for students seeking an alternative to the traditional high school setting. The program incorporates smaller class sizes and block scheduling in an environment structured to help students meet graduation requirements.

    Carman/Bendle Adult & Alternative Education - This program is available to ninth through twelfth grade students seeking either a GED or meeting individual high school graduation requirements on a class by class basis.

    GISD Alternative Path Academy - This is a strict discipline academy for qualifying students who have been expelled from the traditional setting.

    With these opportunities for our students, Flushing Community Schools expects to meet the instructional needs of our students and provide a level of flexibility our traditional program in and of itself simply can't provide. Please contact Andrew Schmidt, Executive Director of Curriculum and Instruction at (810)591-1187 with any questions regarding the programs.

Last Modified on April 20, 2021