• Welcome to the Raider Fitness Club!

    The general operating hours will be:

    • 5:00-7:00 am - Monday through Friday on school days only. 
    • 7:00-9:00 pm - Monday through Thursday on school days only AND when there are NOT any games or practices scheduled.

      We will do our best to keep the calendar below up-to-date. Unexpected weather and game/practice schedules will impact the availability of the Raider Fitness Club.

    The Raider Fitness Club is available to the public and staff only when the district appointed supervisor is on duty. All participants must have submitted the required paperwork and have successfully completed a background check.

    Please see the Raider Fitness Club policies and operating procedures located below the calendar.

Raider Fitness Club Calendar

Raider Fitness Club Policies and Operating Procedures

  • Please note that these policies and operating procedures are subject to change.

    Welcome to the Raider Fitness Club. The goal of the Raider Fitness Club is to promote wellness for Flushing residents. The raised three-lane walking/running track and the weight room are currently available to registered users during the school year from 5:00-7:00 am and 7:00-9:00 pm on scheduled school days and when the Fieldhouse is not in use for official student events. 

    Flushing residents can obtain and turn in an application packet (Emergency Contact Card, iChat Background Check, and Liability Waiver) at the Administration Building located at 522 N. McKinley Road. All participants must sign in upon arrival and must show district issued badge.

    While we encourage families to “stay fit” together, in an effort to maintain safety for all participating, please adhere to these age related policies.

    • Any student below the age of 16 on the track or weight room must be accompanied by and directly supervised by a parent.
    • No one under the age of twelve is allowed in the weight room.

    Track Usage

    • Dry athletic shoes only on the track.
    • No strollers or wheeled objects other than wheelchairs or walkers.
    • All walkers/runners must go in the same direction. See the arrow at the entrance of the gym for the direction of the day.
    • Walkers use inside lane. Runners use outside lane.
    • No racing allowed.
    • Children under 12 must be alongside parent while on track.
    • Be considerate of other participants: don’t walk more than two abreast, take phone calls out in lobby, music to be played only through headphones. 

    Weight Room

    • Dry athletic shoes must be worn.
    • Participants are to bring clean, dry towel to wipe down equipment after each use. Disinfectant spray will be provided.
    • Do not drop weights.
    • Return weights to proper places.
    • 12 - 15 year olds must be directly supervised by parent. Parent can not be working out on different equipment.
    • Proper work out gear should be worn when using equipment.  Shirts, jeans or shorts with metal or decorative studs are not allowed on equipment as they may damage pads.   

    Additional Policies

    • The Raider Fitness Club will not be available on non-school days. Schedule is subject to change on short notice depending on the weather and the needs of our students.
    • No food or drink other than water allowed on track or in weight room.
    • Participants are responsible for the safety and security of their belongings and valuables while utilizing the facility. 
    • The Raider Fitness Club badge only provides access to the Raider Fieldhouse track and weight room. Access to other parts of the high school is not permitted.
    • Shirts and shorts/pants must be worn. All clothing must be family friendly.
    • The track and weight room are not available during student events. 
    • Stairs and hallways are not available for additional training.