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    To Whom It May Concern:

    As a business person, it is rare to be provided with an opportunity to promote your business and the products you offer, and support your local community at the same time.  The attached information affords you and your successful company a win-win opportunity.

    As a supporter of the Flushing Athletic Program, you have the opportunity to be a part of a unique partnership between Flushing Community Schools and demonstrate your financial support for the athletic programs in which over 1,000 students participate in yearly.  Whether it is a 4’x8’ outdoor sign or a single game p.a. announcement, give me a call at 810-591-3776 to discuss what options best meet your needs.

    This is truly a “WIN-WIN” opportunity for you and your way to become part of the action on game day.  I thank you in advance for your support of the Flushing Athletic Programs.


    Yours in Athletics,
    Adam Smith
    Athletic Director

    Community Partnership Facts

    GOAL:  Sponsors connect with the school community with global, regional and local businesses by creative sponsorships and marketing/promotional campaigns that engage consumers and drive product sales and services.  In this collaboration with the school district, the business will be contributing to the educational prosperity of the programs they are assisting and assure these activities continue, and in a true sense become a part of the community.


    • The challenge of sponsorships and reaching the youth and adult market has been striking a balance between responsibility and profit.
    • Scholastic Athletic Sponsorship represents one of the fastest growing areas in all of corporate marketing.
    • Corporate partnerships can generate revenue and is a great way for the corporation to get more involved and become powerful allies and advocates for education.
    • A sponsor program can be a very efficient corporate play and become a key part of the corporate marketing strategy.
    • A genuine “leap of faith” has to be made by central office, Boards of Education and the community.  “Times are changing”.  The athletic department must be ahead of the curve when it comes to the changing face of educational finance.


    • Designation as a district official partner/sponsor.
    • Signage at athletic venues, etc.
    • Advertise in print material and programs.
    • Logo on various material including web site, newsletters, etc.
    •  Product displays.
    • Tickets/Passes.
    • Announcements at events.
    • And much, much more.  The imagination of the partnership is endless.

    Partnership Package Options

    Raider Package:  Three Year  Partnership Program ($9,000)

    • Exclusive Sponsorship signage at venues
      •  Football, Soccer, Baseball, Softball, Tennis
      • Track, Wrestling, Volleyball
    • Full Page Ad in Fall, Winter and Spring  Sport Programs
    • Athletic Website listing
    • Meet the Team Night recognition
    •  Four Yearly Athletic Passes
    • PA announcements during events-Minimum of five
    • Electronic Signage at High School
    • Sponsor Recognition Event

    Varsity Package:   Three Year Partnership Program ($6,000)

    • Sponsorship Signage at four venues
    • Half page ad in fall, winter and spring programs
    •  Athletic Website listing
    • Four yearly athletic passes
    • PA announcements during events-Minimum of five
    • Sponsor Recognition Event

    Junior Varsity Package:  Three Year Partnership Program ($4,000)

    • Sponsorship Signage at three venues
    • ¼ page ad in fall, winter and spring  programs
    • Athletic Website listing
    • Four yearly athletic passes
    •  Sponsor Recognition Event

    Flushing Package:   Three Year Partnership Program ($2,000)

    • One Sponsorship Sign
    •  ¼ page ad in fall and winter programs
    • Four yearly athletic passes
    • Sponsor Recognition Event

    Itemized Partnership Options: One Year/Season Payment Programs

    •  Sponsor Signage at a single venue ($500)
    • Full page ad in fall, winter and spring  programs (TBD)
    • Athletic Department Website listing ($250)
    • Sponsor Department Athletic Award-Block  F ($500)
    • Sponsor Department Academic Award ($500) 
    • Sponsor Department Senior Award ($300)
    • Sponsor Scholar-Athlete T-Shirts ($500)
    • Powder Puff Football Game Sponsor ($500)
    • Football Reserve Ticket Sponsor ($500)
    • Family, Adult, Student  Athletic Pass Sponsor ($500 each)
    • Seasonal Pocket Schedules ($500)
    • Sponsor Recognition Event ($250 each)
    • Individual game sponsor-PA announcement ($75)
    • Individual game ½ sponsor-PA ($45)
    • Individual game ¼ sponsor-PA (inning) ($25
    • Sport/Team Night Raffles (product/services) (TBD)
    • Customer Appreciation/Reward Programs (TBD)
    • Specific Sport Event (TBD)
      •  ½ Court Shoot (Basketball)
      • Football Throw
      • Chuck the Puck (Hockey)
      •  Baseball Pitcher-Strike
    • PERSONALIZED Program (See Below)
    • Wrestling Mat Sponsor (TBD)
    • TEAM Uniform  Sponsor (TBD)
      • JV Boys Basketball ($750)
      • JV Softball ($750)
      • JV Cheerleader ($750)
      • Varsity Boys Basketball ($1,250)

    Please CIRCLE the plan you desire and fax it to me at 810-591-0693.  I will contact you ASAP.  Thank you.  Any options are subject to change without notice.  The most recent costs will be honored.                                 

    Personalized Promotional Program

    You can put a “personal touch” in your program by having your team work with the athletic director team to develop a unique program that meets your marketing-teams

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