• FAQ:

    What is grading like?
    40% Learning Activities (assignments)
    60% Assessments (tests, quizzes, projects)

    Can I turn-in late work?
    1 day late= maximum of 90% credit 
    2 or more days late = maximum of 60% credit
    All assignments must be turned in during the marking period it was assigned.

    How do I get absent work? When is it due?
    Please check my website and/or the white board in the classroom to figure out what you missed. Then, come talk to me. We will come up with a reasonable timeline for your assignments to be completed. Most often, it's within 2 days of getting the assignment. 

    Are there test retakes?
    You are eligible to retake any or all chapter tests one time on its scheduled date as long as you meet the following requirements:
    -All of your assignments for that chapter are completed and turned-in 
    -You have taken the original test
    -You have signed up in class at least one day in advance. Tuesday after the original test are the usual scheduled day. You will sign up for either the morning time (7:50-8:23am) or the afternoon time (2:45-3:30pm).
    -retakes are not offered for open-note tests and quizzes. 

    The retake grade counts as your grade. No averaging or taking the best of the two. 
    You must arrange your own transportation if needed.

    Do you offer extra credit?
    I offer extra credit to the entire class each marking period!
    I will announce it when it is available and it will be posted on my website.
    You must closely follow all directions in order to receive credit.
    I do not offer individual additional extra "point getters."
    The due date is the due date- no late extra credit will be accepted.