Partners in Progress - Facility Bond Projects

  • Partners in Progress - Bond Projects

    We are very excited about the process of seeing the Bond Proposal projects come to life. As the conversations regarding the begininng phases of these projects happen, there is sense of energy and excitement. As you can imagine, there are a lot of decisions and much planning that needs to happen before the first shovel touches the ground or the first hammer hits a nail.

    Kingscott is the architechural design team that will guide us through the design phase and Wolgast will serve as project manager. There will be many meetings throughout the process with input from people throughout the entire district.

    Stay tuned and visit this site frequently for updates. 

    March 19, 2018

    Several stakeholders gathered today to begin the planning phase for the Fine Arts Storage, Track, Baseball, and Concessions areas.

    Track, Baseball & Concessions Planning Meeting

    Track, Baseball and Concessions Planning Meeting

    Fine Arts Storage Planning Meeting

    Fine Arts Storage Planning Meeting


    March 15, 2018

    This past Wednesday we met with our architect, construction manager, and steering committee to review the schematic design of the high school site and renovation at the ECC.  The designs are looking good. It looks like we are getting close to a final design for the high school projects and the new administrative offices at the ECC.  We are scheduled to meet next week with the full committee to discuss final layout and finishes. We hope to break ground in the late summer.

    Following the completion of the high school site and ECC second floor design process, we will begin the design process for the HVAC upgrades, Raider Field improvements, building PA system upgrades, and Raider Virtual Academy renovations at the existing administrative offices.  The scheduled completion date barring any unforeseen circumstances is fall of 2019-20.

    December 6, 2017

    The initial Meet-the-Team gathering was held at the ECC. Representatives from Kingscott, Wolgast, and staff from throughout the district met to get an overview of the process of bringing this $17.8 million bond to life.

     Initial Bond Meet the Team Meeting    Bond Initial Team Meeting

    December 2017

    FHS Art teachers, Physical Education teachers,  FHS Administrators, Board Members, and Central Office Administrators traveled throughout SE Michigan to see recently constructed gymnasiums. This was an opportunity to see a variety of features first hand. 

    Bond Visits to Art Classroooms    Bond Visits to Art Classrooms

    Bond Travel to See Gyms    Bond Travel to See Gyms


    December 13, 2017

    The snow day was put to good use. Even though school was canceled, it was an opportunity for staff to gather and share their "wish" list with the Kingscott designers. Physical Education, Art, Robotics, and CAD representatives gave their input for design elements in their area. 

    CAD, ROBOTICS, ART Design Meeting    CAD, ART, ROBOTICS Department Design Meeting    CAD, ROBOTICS, ART Design Meeting    CAD, ROBOTICS, ART Design Meeting    CAD, ROBOTICS, ART Design Meeting    CAD, ROBOTICS, ART Design Meeting


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