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    Congratulations to our current Early College students. Flushing Raider Early College (FREC) and Genesee County CTE/EMC currently have 85 students participating in these programs.  These students are taking a total of 597 Mott Community College (MCC) credits this Fall Semester and have an overall tuition savings of $130,247.64 in costs paid for by the State and District for these college courses.  Our compliments and congratulations to these students working towards obtaining an Associate’s Degree at the completion of these programs. 

    Congratulations to FREC Cohort 1 on their successful completion of the FREC Program in June 21.  We had 17 students successfully complete FREC.  5 students earned thier Associate in Science, 3 earned an Assocate in Arts, and 1 earned an Associate in General Studies.  The students acquired 1,041 credits in the past 3 years in this program and had an average college GPA of 3.4.

    News and Updates

    We are in the process of planning enrollment for our next FREC and CTE/EMC Cohort.  Current 10th grade students are eligible to apply to these programs. Visit this webpage for updates on FREC registration.  Information on CTE/EMC registration can be found at Genesee County CTE/EMC


    Informational Meetings

    General Early College Informational Meetings - Information on Early College and the FREC and CTE/EMC Programs.  

    • Student Meeting on January 20 during SRT in the Auditorium
    • Student/Parent Meeting on January 26 at 5:30 through Zoom

    FREC Informational Meetings

    • Student Meeting on February 17 during SRT in the Auditorium
    • Student/Parent Meeting on February 9 at 5:30 through Zoom

    CTE/EMC Information:  See the CTE/EMC page linked above

    What is Flushing Raider Early College? 

    • Flushing Raider Early College is designed to allow a pupil to earn a high school diploma and either a minimum 60 transferable college credits, an associates degree, the Michigan Early/Middle College Association (MEMCA) technical certification, or an industry certification.

    • Flushing Raider Early College is a five-year high school program designed to earn a high school diploma and substantial college credit through an additional fifth year of study. 

    The Three E's of Early College

    • Early Entrance: 11th grade students enter a college program while still in high school. They benefit from a curriculum that enables them to earn their high school diploma and earn college credits with no/minimal cost to themselves for tuition, fees, and books.

    • Early Exit: Students may complete the program with minimum of 60 transferable credits. Flushing Raider Early College students attend high school classes as well as college courses. This moves them ahead of a traditional schedule with college credits that match the students' chosen career pathway.

    • Early Success: Once the students complete the program, they are poised for immediate success. Students have the option to begin work immediately in their chosen field (if applicable) or to continue to work toward a Bachelor's degree.

    Benefits of an Early College

    • Earn transferable college credits.

    • College classes taught at FHS in 11th and 12th grade.

    • Ease the transition from high school to college.

    • Connection to other students through this unique cohort experience.

    • Dedicated support staff to mentor/assist students.

    • Reduced financial burden.

    Who can Apply?

    • Students interested in continuing their education beyond high school.

    • Students fully willing to commit to an extra (5th) year with the Flushing Raider Early College by signing a contract/agreement.

    • Student and parents supportive of extra time commitment, different academic calendar, and committed to the program requirements.

    • Minimum requirements include: 2.0 GPA, Review of Standardized Test Scores and/or Placement Tests, Student Application with Essay.


    Any questions regarding FREC or CTE/EMC can be directed to the Early College Director, Nicole Lord, by email or phone at 810-591-3871.