• The Raider Virtual Academy (RVA) provides educational opportunities for Flushing High School students seeking a full-time online school experience or in need of credit recovery.

    RVA is associated with Flushing High School in Flushing, MI.  The courses provided at RVA are internet-based and are provided through Edgenuity Courseware. Courses are accessible 24/7.  

    For more information, please contact:

    Information regarding the application process: 
    Deborah Goldstein, Assistant Principal for Flushing High School, 810-591-3777

    Current RVA students needing assistance:
    Spencer Dallaire: 810-591-1151
    Maria Czyzio: 810-591-1151

    Graduation Requirements:

    • Students attending RVA are able to meet all Flushing Community Schools and State of Michigan graduation requirements.
    • RVA students have six classes per semester. Each class counts for one-half (0.5) credit.
    • Students need 22 credits to graduate.
    • Graduates receive a Flushing High School diploma.

    RVA Lab:

    • Location: 230 Oak Street, Flushing, MI
    • Hours: Monday through Thursday, 3:30-6:30 p.m.
    • The lab is staffed with Michigan certified teachers who meet highly qualified status in their core subject areas.

    Courses Offered:
    Bold print = graduation requirement
    Classes marked with an asterisk (*) are semester-long classes. All other classes are year-long (two semesters).

  • Algebra 1 & 2
    Art History
    Career Planning & Development*
    Civics (US Government)*
    Computer Applications
    Earth Science
    English 9, 10, 11, & 12
    Environmental Science
    Expository Reading & Writing
    Financial Mathematics
    French 1 & 2
    Health Science Concepts
    Healthy Living*
    Human Geography
    Introduction to Art
    Introduction to Business
    Introduction to Coding*

  • Intro. to Communications and Speech
    Introduction to Health Science
    Intro. to Information Technology
    Lifetime Fitness*
    Medical Terminology*
    Modern World History
    Nursing Assistant
    Personal Finance
    Pharmacy Technician
    Physical Science (ISL)
    Spanish 1 & 2
    Strategies for Academic Success*
    US History
    World History