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  • Welcome to Mr. Cook's website.   

    Email  This is the best way to be in contact with me throughout the school day, or any time. My phone number is 591-3119, this is the number for my middle school phone. 

    2021-22 Is certainly going to be one will never forget.  I have included a daily schedule.

     My daily and weekly schedule.  

    1st Hour      8:00-8:58 Woods I at the High School

    2nd Hour     9:28-10:23 Design and Build I

    3rd Hour     10:28-11:18 Design and Build I

    11:18-11:53  Lunch

    4th Hour    11:54-12:43 Design and Build II

    5th Hour    12:48-1:43 Design and Build I

    6th Hour     1:48-2:43 Prep Hour

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