FHS Social Studies

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    MON 12/9 - FRI 12/13

    MONDAY 12/9: 
    US HST: CH:21 Content Review.
    Holocaust: Chapter 14 Study Guide Builder.
    Civics: Unit 7 Terms Analysis.

    TUESDAY 12/10:
    US HST: CH:21 Quiz / CH:22 Introduction.
    Holocaust: CH:14 Quiz / Epilogue Project Introduction.
    Civics: Unit 7 Checks and Balances, video.

    WEDNESDAY 12/11:
    US HST: CH:22.1, A Sick Economy, guided reading.
    Holocaust: Epilogue Project Work Day #1.
    Civics: Unit 7 Themes, online document.

    THURSDAY 12/12: 
    US HST: CH:22.2, The Great depression, section analysis.
    Holocaust: Epilogue Project Work Day #2.
    Civics: Unit 7 Quiz/Unit 8 Introduction. 

    FRIDAY 12/13:
    US HST: CH:22.3, President Hoover, video analysis.
    Holocaust: Epilogue Project Presentations.
    Civics: Unit 8 Terms Analysis.