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    8:00  -  8:23       Advisory
    8:28  -  9:23       1st    Hour Planning
    9:28  -  10:23      2nd   Hour Pre-Algebra 8
    10:28 - 11:23      3rd    Hour Pre-Algebra 8
    11:28 - 12:43      4th    Hour Algebra I
    12:48 - 1:43       5th    Hour Pre-Algebra 8
    1:48  - 2:43 6th    Hour Pre-Algebra 8 

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    My phone number:  (810)  591-3185

    I am entering my 25th year as a Flushing teacher and I graduated from Hillsdale College.  I am married and have two children.  One has graduated from college and one is at FHS.  I am currently coaching Powerlifting here in Flushing.  I have been an Assistant Football coach and the Head Football Coach.  I have also coached baseball at Flushing at all levels in my career.  It is a great place to work and live.