• TEACHER CONSULTANT for Students with Disabilities

    Hello Everyone! 

    Welcome to the 2021-2022 school year!


    As the Teacher Consultant for students with disabilities, I spend much of my day setting up IEP meetings, collecting data, meeting with students, and generating paperwork. I can help consult on issues going on in the classroom and brainstorm ideas with families/teachers/students so that each and every student is getting their needs met. For parents of students with disabilities, below is brief information regarding IEP meetings this year:

    • IEP Meetings:
      • IEP Invites will be sent to your home address via mail and to your email. If you need to reschedule the IEP meeting, please contact me. My contact information is below.
      • IEP meetings will be held virtually through google classroom or through a phone call on Tuesdays or Thursdays. Teachers will join through zoom and students/guardians will join through a conference call. We will all be able to hear each other, but not necessarily see each other.
      • I will have about 45 minutes set up for each IEP meeting. If you need longer, that is no problem on our end. 
    • IEP Team - All members of the IEP team will be invited to our virtual IEP meetings this year.
    • New IEP information - please plan on sharing how your son/daughter is doing in the virtual learning process. What is going well? What can we further help with?
    • Reminder - We are a TEAM! We have your child's best interest in mind. Let's work together!
    • IEP related concerns - if you are having any concerns regarding your child's IEP, please reach out to their case manager to see if they can help assist you. :-) 


    Study Skills - I have one section of Study Skills this year during the 6th hour. Information regarding Study Skills will be loaded on my google classroom site. If you have questions regarding this class, please contact me.


    My Contact Information:

    Email - lindsay.smith@flushingschools.org *This is the BEST method to reach me!

    Office Phone Number - 810-591-3832

    Wishing you a great 2021-2022 school year! Go Raiders!


    Lindsay Smith