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  • Welcome to Mrs. Tunnicliffs' Classroom Website!
    Room 1202
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    Thank you for visiting my site! Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. You can reach me anytime by email, I check my email all day and night. 
    Or you can contact me by phone at 810-591-3162.
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    Daily Class Schedule

    Advisory 8:00 - 8:23

    1st Hour 8:28 - 9:23

    2nd Hour 9:28 - 10:23

    3rd Hour 10:28 - 11:23 

    4th Hour 11:28-12:43 Lunch & Planning

    5th Hour 12:48 - 1:43 

    6th Hour 1:48 - 2:43


    The best time to reach me by phone is before school 7:30-8:00, after school 2:43-3:00, or during my planning. 

    Feel free to email, call, or message me at anytime to set up a meeting. 

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