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  • Computer Lab Rm 2218

    Different classes come into the lab one day a week for a marking period - The idea is to present Reading and Math in a visual form and to allow students to work at their individual skill levels.

    • First marking period the Math classes will work on Successmaker in assessing their Math skills and reviewing different math concepts for MEAP.
    • Second marking the English classes will work on Successmaker in assessing their reading skills and determining a reading grade level.
    • Third marking the Math classes return to the lab to finish up the assessment in Successmaker to determine at what grade level the student is proficient and then work is assigned to correlate with classroom instruction, along with continued review of math concepts and skills and strengthening basic math concepts, e.i. multiplication facts.
    • Fourth marking the English classes return to work on their reading comprehension and assignments that correlate with classroom instruction.
    • Fifth marking the Math classes return for its last session in the lab for the school year. The time is used for assessing progress made this year and continued review of math skills and correlated instruction in Successmaker to related units in the classroom  
    • Sixth marking period has the English classes in the lab for year-end assessment of reading comprehension. Students also will start working with their EDPs, identifiing short term goals and possible career choices