Señor Rishmawi's Spanish Web page

  • Bienvenidos a la página de la clases de señor Rishmawi.  Solo necesitas seleccionar su clase de los botones a la izquierda de esta página.

    Welcome to Mr. Rishmawi's Spanish webpage.  All the information that you need is listed on the left hand side of this page.  You need to first select the hour that your son / daughter has Spanish on the upper left hand side of this page and then the links to their classes will appear.  You can contact me before or after school at 810-591-3785 or anytime by e-mail at

    All information for this course can be found on "my resources" page with the link on the left of this page.  From that page you will find vocab lists, video notes, as well as helpful links such as:

    Our quia books site - the online book and where we do most of the course work

    Our Google drive link - where we take notes and store them  

    Our blackboard site - where we do most of our quizzes