Board of Education

  • The Flushing School Board is composed of seven local citizens, each elected to a six-year term of office. Two positions are open for election every two years on the first Tuesday following the first Monday in November. The 2024 schedule of school board meetings is listed below. Official minutes of board meetings are on file at the Administration Building.

    The board has complete control over local school matters within the framework set by the State Legislature and State Board of Education. The school board acts like a corporate board of directors, determining general policies for the care, management, and control of the district's public schools. The Superintendent, who is the chief executive officer of the board, is a professional educator employed to administer laws and regulations and carry out board adopted policies.

    The Flushing Community Schools' Board of Education has established its schedule for the 2024 Regular Meetings. Meetings will be held at the Administration Building (522 N McKinley) at 7:00 pm, unless otherwise specified.

Last Modified on February 15, 2024