Building Information

  • Early Childhood Center
    409 Chamberlain St.
    Flushing, MI 48433

    Phone: (810) 591-2326
    Fax: (810) 591-0699
    Office Hours: 7:30am - 4:00pm
    School Hours: 8:45am - 3:36pm

    Principal: Theresa Miles 

    Situated in the middle of the city, the Flushing Early Childhood Center is located in the oldest of all our district buildings. Originally built in 1927, an addition was added in 1965 and then, in 2006, it was remodeled to provide a special facility designed for the district's youngest students including self-supporting preschool (ages 3-4), Early-On Head Start (ages 0-2), and kindergarten. The summer of 2012 brought another major renovation to the building in preparation for all day kindergarten.  The ECC now houses 12 complete kindergarten classrooms.

    Kindergarten Enrollment: 305
    Preschool Enrollment: 120



Early Childhood Center