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    Welcome to Mrs. DeKalita's Art Site! 

    ONLINE LEARNING: Please click on the links below to open each art challenge video. A new one will be posted each week. I would LOVE for you to e-mail me pictures of your creativity. Also, scroll down to the very bottom of this page to see some of the artwork from Central & Seymour students!


    WEEK 7:ART CHALLENGE (6-1): kindness...

    coming soon... technical difficulties



    WEEK 6:ART CHALLENGE(5-25): found object sketches...

          click here:found object sketch challenge

            40  41  42

             CLICK HERE:Javier Perez Video

    WEEK 5:ART CHALLENGE(5-18): under the sea portrait...

         PART ONE VIDEO: Due to technical difficulties, please scroll all the way down... right below the picture of the Central cats mural to view this video.

         click here: PART TWO

               s  h

    WEEK 4:ART CHALLENGE(5-11): famous art recreation...

           click here: famous art recreation challenge

         ex8   ex9   ex10

         13  14  15  16

    WEEK 3:ART CHALLENGE(5-4): mother's day vase...

         click here:mother's day vase challenge

               ex6  ex7  ex4

    WEEK 2:ART CHALLENGE(4-27): food portrait...

         click here:food portrait challenge

         ex2  Arcimboldo Video

    WEEK 1:ART CHALLENGE(4-20): color wheel...

         click here:color wheel challenge




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    Please use the links on the left to find fun resources, my teaching schedule, & much, much, more!

    What happens in art class?

    In my class students are given the opportunity to express themselves through a variety of media. Throughout the year, we will cover all of the basic art concepts such as line, shape, color, and pattern through various art medias... including drawing, painting, coloring, and three-dimensional sculpting. We will also incorporate all of the core subjects and build strong ties between those subjects and the world of ART.

    I encourage you to visit the building to view your student’s artwork, which is frequently on display in the hallways. Although the finished product may not always be exactly what you might expect it to be, you should look beyond the artwork.  Look instead at the experience, the growth, the ideas, and the creativity that your child has expressed within the project and praise them for their effort!