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Educator and Employee of the Year


Every year, we look forward to announcing the recipients of the Educator of the Year and the School Employee of the Year awards to be recognized at the annual Flushing Area Chamber of Commerce Awards Banquet.  This year’s recognition will be held virtually.  As is always the case, making a decision with so many deserving individuals is always very difficult.

We are happy to announce this year’s recipient of the Educator of the Year award is Flushing Middle School Counselor Andy Barger.  Andy is the epitome of what we all strive to be as positive educators. While his realm is in counseling, he strives to make the most of every student interaction, and endeavors to make a positive difference in the lives of students every day. Whether helping students through conflict, with their social/emotional issues or with coping and resiliency strategies, to helping kids formulate plans for success, he tirelessly contributes to the well-being and betterment of students’ lives. He is instrumental as a scheduler, doing whatever it takes to make it work for staff and students, and is a passionate and dedicated public servant. From teaching Science to becoming a MS counselor, Andy has remained dedicated to our Raider family since 1993. From running a highly successful Middle School Summer School program, to setting up every student schedule, he is truly someone that will do anything and everything to make sure things go the way they are supposed to go. He is instrumental to the success of our Flushing Middle School every day and we are thankful for the impact he has made in the lives of students. Congratulations Andy, and thank you for all that you do.   

School Employee of the Year was also a difficult decision due to our dedicated and outstanding support staff.  This year we have chosen to recognize Flushing High School Custodian Larry Ham as School Employee of the Year.  All of our buildings have individuals that are unsung heroes, and that play a key role in the day to day operation of the building. They sometimes go unnoticed, but if it wasn’t for them, the building environment would just not be the same.  Larry plays an integral role at the high school every day, and he has done so for the last 31 years. There is nothing that has been thrown at him that he cannot handle, and he has kept the building running smoothly no matter what he might walk into on any given day. He is the “go to” for a myriad of building maintenance and custodial issues, and he handles them professionally, thoroughly, and with pride knowing that he is relied upon to take care of business. He is great with students, as well as his colleagues. He is a humble leader, doing whatever is asked of him without fanfare.  Most importantly, he handles all of his responsibilities with a positive attitude and a true dedication to the success of the high school. Congratulations Larry, and thank you for all you do!

The Chamber of Commerce Annual Awards Virtual Banquet is still being planned.  More information will be shared in the future on how you can join the virtual celebration in February or March!

Congratulations to Educator of the Year Andy Barger and Employee of the Year Larry Ham.