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Delayed Start to the School Day Procedures

With one day of canceled school already behind us due to inclement weather and deteriorating road conditions, we wanted to bring the possibility of using a “Delayed Start” to the school day to your attention. In an effort to reduce the number of possible school day cancellations, we wanted to let you know that we may implement a 2-Hour Delayed Start procedure when the conditions at the start of the school day will be significantly improving within the first couple hours of the school day. This may include mornings when temperatures and wind chills, per the recommendation of the Genesee County Health Department, are dangerous for students to stand at bus stops or walk to school, but are expected to rapidly rise by mid-morning.

In the event that a 2-Hour Delayed Start is implemented, busses will run their regular routes, but the route will begin two hours later than normal for both secondary and elementary bus runs. For example, if your child is usually picked up by the bus at 7:10, you can expect that the scheduled pick up will be 9:10, two hours later than usual. The school day will begin 2 hours later for students however; the remainder of the elementary school day will be the same, while middle school and high school will run all of their classes on an abbreviated schedule.  Elementary Latchkey Programs will be open at their normal time until school begins and breakfast will be available in the cafeteria when students arrive 2 hours later for those that are interested. All elementary and secondary lunch schedules will remain the same as a regular school day.  Students will be dismissed at the regular end-of-day time and will be transported home on their regular bus schedule at the end of the day.


Start Time

2-Hour Delayed Start

Regular Dismissal

High School

8:00 am

10:00 am

2:48 pm

Middle School

8:00 am

10:00 am

2:43 pm


9:00 am

11:00 am

3:51 pm

Early Childhood Center

8:45 am

10:45 am

3:36 pm


If inclement weather or other unforeseen circumstances requires Flushing Community Schools to implement a 2-Hour Delayed Start or to cancel school, information will continue to be communicated through School Messenger, our automated phone calling system, posted on the district website, district app, Facebook pages, on Twitter as well as local TV stations.


If you have any questions regarding the 2-Hour Delayed Start process, please contact your child’s building principal.


From the Office of Deputy Superintendent, Matt Shanafelt