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Raider Fitness Club

Please note that the last day for the Raider Fitness Club this school year is Friday, June 9. We are looking forward to seeing everyone back in the fall! 

Visit the Raider Fitness Club webpage for the calendar showing open times. 

The goal of the Raider Fitness Club is to promote wellness for those that live within the boundaries of the Flushing School District. It will be available to the public and staff, only when the district appointed supervisor is on duty. 

The application process includes filling out an Accident/Liability Waiver and Emergency Contact Card, getting a picture taken for the district issued badge, and presenting a driver's license proving residency within the Flushing School District. 

Those that submitted paperwork prior to the shutdown do not need to resubmit. If you had a picture taken prior to the shut down and had not picked up your badge, the badge will be available when you check in for the first time. The application process needs to be completed at the Administration Building (522 N. McKinley Road) prior to attending the Raider Fitness Club for the first time.

Visit the Raider Fitness Club webpage for complete details regarding policies and procedures.

Questions? Call 810-591-1183.