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PaySchools Payment Problem? Read this article.

Payschools Troubleshooting Tip Sheet

Payschools has recently reported an issue with accepting payments. While there has not been a resolution from Payschools, they have given suggestions to get payschools to work correctly.

When making a payment:

  • Open a new browser window.
  • Clear history, cache, and cookies "For All Time" (see below how to clear history on your browser)
  • Navigate to Flushing’s Payschools link
  • Select items, log into account

Clearing Cache/Cookies/History on Chrome:

  • Settings
  • History
  • Clear History/cache/cookies "For All Time"

Clearing Cache/Cookies/History on Safari:

  • Click the icon that looks like a book
  • Clear
  • Select "All Time"

Clearing Cache/Cookies/History on Edge:

  • Settings
  • History
  • Three horizontal dots, clear browsing data
  • Make sure the following are checked: Browsing History, Download History, Cookies and Other Site Data, Cached Images and Files
  • Click clear now

Clearing Cache/Cookies/History on Firefox:

  • Click the 3 lines in the top right corner of the browser
  • History
  • Manage History
  • Highlight All
  • Organize
  • Delete

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